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Business and Individual Taxes Consultation 30 minutes
We will connect to go over your current tax situation and your tax preparation needs going forward. You will learn about our remote tax preparation process, our secure portal and systems we use and get to know each other so we can move forward with optimizing your taxes. We specialize in lowing tax liabilities and helping you navigate and understand your tax returns.
15 minute meetings15 minutes
Want to simply connect to ask a few questions? Book a quick 15 minute meeting to get your questions or concerns answered by phone.
Tax Planning 30 minutes
Did you owe this past tax year? Did you have a recent promotion or any other financial changes? Do not want any surprises come next tax season, make an appointment to go over your specific tax situation and make a plan for next tax season so there are no surprises.
Business Consultation 30 minutes
We consult regarding business registration, business tax designations, and help you navigate key accounting issues that arise. We will answer your questions or research an answer and explain to you tax and process improvement implications that arise from issues you want to address. We can recommend approaches to complex problems, or advise on the intricate procedures that need to be taken to navigate through complicated business decisions. These decisions are often necessary for a business to reach its full growth and operate at maximum efficiency, so consulting services are extremely valuable to a growing company.
Accounting Services30 minutes
Book for discussion of accounting services. We will go over services Mac Neal LLC offers and learn about your accounting needs. We do bookkeeping, payroll and financial statement preparation to name a few.