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  • Cathy Poturny
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Proposal Review 30 minutes
Use this booking link to schedule a meeting to review marketing proposals. - Communicates the priorities and provides an organized process to facilitate productivity Increases engagement with the priorities, as well as explain accountability requirements Opens the flow of dialogue and collaboration and performance -Organize all these items and set expectations -Explore what items we recommend as topics, and share some share tips
Strategy Meeting 60 minutes
Request a meeting with the team to review strategy and marketing solutions to expand market share and lead generation opportunities (or other marketing centric requests)
Initial Consultation 45 minutes
Learn how your business looks online with this eye-opening 5-point analysis of your current digital footprint.
Training - Custom Business APP Dashboard45 minutes
Use this booking link to schedule training for your Business Center APP
Client Strategy Meeting45 minutes
Please use this link if you are a current client. Please let us know the purpose of this meeting in the comments section.
Digital Assessment Review Meeting45 minutes
Use this booking link to schedule your digital business assessment report review. This meeting is for businesses that are not currently active clients and have already paid the invoice for the assessment analyses.